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Optimus is a cryptocurrency exchange aiming to give traders the optimal trading environment.
The OPTX Token

At the heart of Optimus Exchange is the OPTX token.

OPTX is an NTP1 token built on the Neblio Blockchain.

OPTX will be used throughout the platform by both traders and projects listed on the exchange. It can be earned, won, bought and sold and its value will be determined by the people trading it.

OPTX Stats
  • Name:Optimus Token (OPTX)
  • Total Supply :10,000,000,000,000 OPTX
  • Base Rate:1 OPTX = 0.00000001 BTC
  • Token Protocol:NTP1 (Neblio Token Protocol 1)
OPTX Distribution
10% Early Investors, Founders, and Team
10% Strategic Partnerships, and Promotions
10% Beta Pro Traders
70% Beta Traders
Join The Beta Program – Earn OPTX!

Optimus Exchange is all about the traders. We strongly believe that an exchange is only as good as the traders trading on it. That is why we are opening the doors to all serious traders to come and trade in our exchange.

In The Optimus beta program you will earn OPTX tokens as you trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

The OPTX token is used in the Optimus Exchange in different ways. Mainly it is used by traders to pay the trading fees, and used by projects to pay for their token listing fees.

It is an NTP1 token built on the Neblio blockchain.

OPTX can be bought directly in the Optimus exchange.

Traders participating in the Optimus beta trading program can earn OPTX for their trading activities.

Traders can also refer other traders to Optimus Exchange and earn a commission in OPTX tokens.

Optimus Exchange might also hold various promotions where traders will be able to earn OPTX tokens as a reward.


The Optimus Trader Ranking System is a system that ranks traders in the Optimus Exchange based on 2 factors:

1. Overall trading volume – The total trading volume of the trader since he joined the exchange (in BTC).

2. Collateral – The amount of OPTX tokens held in the trader’s account.

Climbing up the ranks gives the trader reduced trading fees, and other benefits in Optimus exchange.

In the Optimus Beta Program, the OPTX token that is powering Optimus exchange will be given to qualified traders in the beta phase of the exchange.

8 Trillion OPTX tokens, which represent 80% of the total supply, is allocated to that purpose.

7T OPTX tokens will be distributed complimentarily to the first 100k beta traders. Each qualified beta trader will get up to 70M OPTX tokens, that will be held aside and given as a bonus at certain trading levels.

1T OPTX Tokens will be distributed complimentarily to the first 1000 PRO beta traders. Each PRO beta trader will get 1B OPTX tokens, that will be held aside and given as a bonus at certain trading levels.

Optimus exchange has a 3 level referral program built in. This means that each active member you refer will give you a percentage of their trading fees 3 levels down.

The percentages are derived from what Optimus exchange is charging that trader. The referral fee structure is:

Level 1 – 25%.

Level 2 – 15%.

Level 3 – 10%.

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